when I was a child
I felt a permanent worries
about entire world
about the choices we will have to make

about how to be fair
I was hoping that we were guided
by a shepherd who wants
to take solicitous care of his sheeps

all new things in my life
were a little scary for me
from the corridors of the school
to countless numbers of planets and stars

but at the end I realized that
it was useless to try
because my life
was not controlled by me

That night I was on my knees
last time
went out together
for the words you told to me
we had lost it forever

the evening was too dark
as the darkness of your soul
and we were wrong

You told me here
with a quiet calm:
“don’t convince me now. I
just wanted to
show you a dream
but we don´t be together
I hate
waking up with someone
better sleep alone

that night was gone

it is remarkable that the sentences we call every day can build fences among us. I do not even want to know what you’re doing now. you also did not care about it