Once upon a time
when the icy air embraced the lake
I found a hidden road under the trees
and faded into haze

that road that leads across the dam
and then on and on around a lamps
to a secret place in the middle of nowhere
but on another day at another time

if you want to follow this hidden road
you must not look back
just hold on and go
and at the end of the lake you will see
resting swans
then you can send my “goodbye”
to the most beautiful one

there is an Island with a tree
there is the right to sit only for mighty queen and then they
compares its beauty with the night
I hid ashore
then I saw her wings
and lost my mind

Why is envy strong?
She really wanted her throne
and then the deal was done
she was just thinking how to win
sacrifice sadness
in exchange for darkness
she couldn’t take it back

And then another day
it was be foggy again
a forgotten lake
was sprinkled with rain
the pride of a swan cursed her soul
for the last time
for the last time

she was the most beautiful
until the night was gone
it lasted
until the raising of the sun
then the curse of darkness
spilled into her feathers
and she became black