EXXE’s third major multimedia project after Nitrogen and Sands of Mars is the masterpiece SYNTHESIS. This almost two and a half hour piece of music is an avalanche of ideas and musical motifs, and appeals to listeners with its two sides. The white side and the dark side. The white (or light side) depicts the sum total of noble thoughts and emotions, the dark side is the audiovisual perpetuation of fear, xenophobia and vanity.

The name synthesis is quite general and would seem to simply indicate the way in which the music was generated in the vast majority of the work. However, there is a transcript of an interview given directly by E. Sterner, who explains the title of the work by saying that “it is a synthetic view of ourselves, a kind of synthesis of various views on human life and the meaning of human existence.”

Version of SYNTHESIS

The work is proven to exist in three versions. The first version is a CD with individual tracks. The second version consists of a CD with the songs linked into one musical track using non-musical stage sounds, and the third version is the SYNTHESIS GOLD Edition from 2000.

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